Calgary's mayor has attacked a controversial gay rights bill before the provincial legislature, saying passing it would draw "international attention toward what kinds of hillbillies we are".

Berlin's mayor has announced he will step down after heavy criticism over delays to the opening of the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport, which is now three years overdue.

The City of Cape Town has shut down South Africa's first gay-friendly mosque because it did not have any parking spaces, prompting its founder to accuse the council of a "witch hunt".

Local democracy in Ireland is the weakest in Europe, according to the national secretary of public sector union Impact. 

A man in northern China has become the first person in the county to sue his local government over their failure to tackle smog.

Unpaid charges owed to Ireland's city and county councils are nearing €1bn (£836m) - but authorities have been forced to write off €161m because the debts cannot be collected.

The new Italian government has approved an emergency decree to bail out Rome's council with €570m (£469m) after the city's mayor warned that essential services would otherwise have to stop.

The Netherlands' 403 local authorities need greater powers to raise income through local taxation if they are to take on responsibility for most non-residential care, the head of the Local Council Association has said.

Prime Minister John Key has appointed Paula Bennett as the new minister for local government.

The National Party MP has previously served as minister for social development and associate minister for housing.

International "hacktivist" group Anonymous attacked and took down a Japanese local government website in protest of a traditional dolphin hunt.