Spooky goings-on at Louth Town Hall in Lincolnshire, where the ghost busters have been called in to investigate if it's haunted.

The history of building, which was built in 1853, is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. It originally housed a police station with a cell for the condemned, there are rumours of secret tunnels and in the 1970s, a man was killed during a fight at a dance.

Staff have reported strange noises, objects moving by themselves and even phantom footsteps, the Western Daily News reported.

"The big event is from a dance in the 1970s where a man was thrown over the landing on to the stairs," said town hall chief executive Andy Howlett.

"I met somebody who was at the event and he confirmed it was the fifth step he landed on. People say if you are on the fifth step and you look up where to where he was thrown off, you can feel a breeze on the back of the neck."

But fear not spooked staff - investigators Paranormal Friends are ready to believe you.

Co-founder Chris Morris told the newspaper this is believed to be the first public investigation of the town hall.

"We are completely open-minded sceptics so much of what happens we can explain," he said.

"But it's that five per cent that we can't explain that keeps us going back for more."

They ain't afraid of no ghosts, presumably.