A public safety announcement: If you're planning a trip to Hull this summer, perhaps to take in the world-class aquarium The Deep, wander the historic Old Town or be inspired by the natural majesty of the Yorkshire Wolds, then stay on the road, keep clear of the moors and, above all, beware the moon.

For all is not well in the European City of Culture 2017. A spate of reports from terrified denizens describe an eight foot tall "half-human, half-dog" werewolf of legend - named Old Stinker - is once again stalking the land.

One woman told the Express that the beast ran on two legs, then all fours, before it vaulted 30ft and disappeared into some allotments. Blimey.

These increasingly in-no-way crackpot sightings have caused so much consternation among residents there was even talk of an organised hunt on the next full moon to try and film - or even capture - the beast. Bring your own pitchfork, presumably.

But fear not! In this hour of crisis and tumult, one man of action is not standing idly by while the good folk of the city are besieged by this, er, Hull-hound.

Local councillor Steve Wilson has fearless stepped forward where others would tremble to tread and declared to the Express he is "happy to keep a diary of sightings by people around here and report them to Hull Council".

Take that, Old Stinker.