One in the eye for whoever said Americans don't do irony from Jackson, Mississippi, where non-plussed Eddie Prosser decided he'd had enough of trying to get the city to fix a pothole for the past year, so it threw it a birthday party.

Eddie says that after 14 calls to the local authorities about the sizeable hole in road, it was "time to do something different".

So he decked it out with balloons and a giant birthday card, slightly weirdly written from the pothole's point of view, declaring "I've been here for a year!" Come on, who writes their own birthday cards?

"I do find our problems in the city of Jackson serious but at the same time just one small pothole. When they fix the potholes just a block away it wouldn't of taken another 10 minutes," Prosser told local news channel WJTV.

And it seems the birthday bash has had results. For, after the story made headlines around the US and beyond, the pothole has - surprise! - been filled in.

For he's a jolly good fellow!