REPIC is the UK`s largest WEEE producer compliance scheme, with its members being responsible for financing over 50 per cent of the UK`s household WEEE collected.

Since 2004, REPIC has successfully worked with electrical producers, retailers, local authorities, their site operators and treatment facilities to deliver a quality WEEE solution. As part of its ongoing commitment to its members, REPIC has developed a one-stop-shop service via the addition of its packaging and batteries schemes  - ePack and eBatt.

REPIC`s aim is to work in direct partnership with local authorities and their site operators, rather than through a third party. Dealing directly with those funding the system offers significant benefits, such as:

  • Increased traceability of WEEE, so leakage and illegal export are minimised and separately collected WEEE is maximised
  • A higher proportion of funding, not just the scrap value, reaching site operators and collection and treatment partners, with less money `leaking` to third parties
  • REPIC is able to offer councils assistance with funding for local PR campaigns to improve public awareness and maximise the separate collection of WEEEREPIC currently works with over 300 Local Authority sites, but is keen to work with more. REPIC`s model can provide a seamless transfer procedure of existing site operators and service partners if so desired.