Thorn Lighting

Thorn Lighting, part of the Zumtobel Group, is a highly recognised, global brand for professional indoor and outdoor lighting.

The brand delivers pace setting technical innovations to broad-based target groups - especially distributors, electricians, users, lighting designers, architects, specifiers and municipalities - and stands for reliability, outstanding customer service, high functionality and technically advanced design. These qualities are fast making Thorn a major player for all its core market sectors.

Thorn`s methodology is based around the PEC programme, which aims to improve the quality of life by lighting people and places through performance, efficiency and comfort (PEC). These three factors influence quality in a lighting installation :

  • Performance - provides the best visual effectiveness
  • Efficiency - minimises the use of energy, CO2 emissions and waste
  • Comfort - gives people satisfaction and stimulation

The relative importance of these attributes varies between application areas, but all need to be addressed, together with architectural integration, to improve the quality of life.

PEC provides the framework for Thorn to deliver efficient and reliable lighting concepts and customer driven services contributing to a healthy and comfortable environment. The products that Thorn produces also embody the PEC spirit.

Contact: Hugh King