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IGEM Seminar: Solutions to Gas in Flats, Hilton Edinburgh Airport, Scotland.2nd March 2010

Are you interested in understanding the key regulations in relation to gas safety in multi-dwelling buildings?Do you want to develop a further understanding of how IGE/G/5 Standard should be applied in a variety of gas safety situations?Want to know the important risks assessments for gas safety within flats?

IGEM is hosting a seminar intended to provide practical guidance on designing blocks of flats to accommodate the gas supply system.

For building architects and designers, the vital initial risk assessment, accommodating gas meters and supply pipes and providing the requisite ventilation are major concerns.This seminar will help you anticipate these issues in the building design and not face the time consuming reviews and often expensive changes to the building when the time comes to install the gas system.

To register your interest for the Scotland venue please contact gemma@igem.org.uk or call 01509 678 159 for more information.