Kingspan Ltd

Kingspan Ltd part of the Kingspan Group Plc, has established a leading global position in the manufacture of high quality FIREsafe insulated roof, wall and facade systems for the construction industry.

Kingspan products have been successfully used across the globe on all types of project including education, healthcare, retail, apartments, offices and leisure.

The majority of Kingspan products have an ECOsafe insulation core, containing no CFC`s or HCFC`s with a low Global Warming Potential, achieve an `A` or `A+`rating according to the Green Guide to Specification and are available in FIREsafe LPCB insurer-approved form for assured fire performance. They are also fibre-free, removing the risk of loose fibres being released and causing irritation.

Our product range allows architects and developers to meet and exceed today`s construction challenges and create functional buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, safe, cost effective and sustainable.

As a manufacturer we go far beyond delivering a substantial range of market leading products. We support our customers with a full spectrum of technical support Our envirocare Technical Services team guide our customers through the complete spectrum of design specifications and regulatory requirements.

Other products on offer from Kingspan Ltd include structural purlins and rails, fall arrest systems, controlled environment systems and innovative architectural facades.