PBI Performance Products, Inc.

PBI Performance Products manufactures PBI flame resistant fibres used to make PBI gold FR fabric for outer shell fabric, Wildland and USAR garments, as well as knit fabrics for flash hoods and gloves. PBI Fabrics are the most flame resistant outer shell fabrics in the world for FR PPE materials. PBI is also used by NASA for exhaust ablatives, and in polymer form in moulded parts for electronics and highly thermal, chemical resistant parts.

PBI Performance Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Intertech Group, Inc., N. Charleston, South Carolina, USA, a company dedicated to high performance materials for flame protection, filtration, engineered polymer parts and value-added materials.

PBI Gold, available in other colours, has been chosen as the only solution for the ICP project managed by Firebuy. PBI is widely used globally in Fire Service world, where high value is placed upon firefighter safety.

Contact: Ian Callaghan