A further 56 local planning authorities have now met or exceeded national planning targets and will be removed from the Government's poor performers list.


In response to the Government's announcement that council tax will rise on average by 4.2%, less than the latest Retail Price Index of 4.6%, Sir Jeremy Beecham, Vice-Chairman of the Local Government Association, a cross-party organisation which represents over 400 councils in England & Wales, says:

A computer problem is threatening to wreck electronic counting in May's local elections, delaying the overnight declarations in up to 75 town halls across England.


Rail Minister Tom Harris promised a "colossal" amount of investment in the South West's railway infrastructure during the talks about the future of the region's rail network.


Local Government Minister, Phil Woolas, quickly moved to rule out the possibility of a bed tax, just hours after the release of the Lyons reportinto local government funding recommended a consultation on the proposal.


Nearly three-years after he was asked to start, Sir Michael Lyons’ report into the future role, function and funding of local government has, as predicted, urged reform in the council tax system.


SPARSE, the coalition of over 85 of England's rural local authorities, has called for the Government to end the unfairness of high rural council taxes.

Londoners will not have to pay any more for the hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games, despite the costs rising to more than £9 billion.

Post offices in danger of closure could be taken over and run by local councils to save the ‘vital’ role they fulfil in many peoples’ lives, according to the Local Government Association.


Amid the growing public opposition to the government’s road pricing tax proposals and as the number of signatories to the online petition against road pricing passed the 1 million mark, local authorities are starting to feel government pressure to introduce road charging.