Digital projects secure £560,000

Councils will share £560,000 to fund digital projects to transform local services and develop new solutions to support troubled families, health and social care integration and welfare reform.

Thirty-four local authorities have successfully bid for funding from Local Government Association to create tools that can be reused by other councils to help them operate more efficiently. A total of 111 bids were submitted for funding from the local government revenue support grant.

Projects that have secured funding include a program to identify the top 20 adults with complex adult social care needs and chaotic lives in Hounslow; a scheme in Wigan to develop a single view of children's records across multiple agencies; and expanding the Troubled Families programme in East Sussex.

The LGA said that with councils facing the twin challenges of decreasing funding and increasing funding, many have embraced new ways of using technology to deliver services more effectively and allow staff to work in new ways that increase productivity while reducing costs.

Cllr David Simmonds, chairman of the LGA's Improvement & Innovation Board, said: "This programme seeks to build on this good work by enabling a group of councils to use digital tools and approaches to support their wider work to transform local public services. Local government has made huge progress in enabling residents to carry out transactions online. Councils now need to build on this good work and fully utilise digital technology to help deliver more efficient services to manage rising demand and expectations from their residents.

"Councils have championed the use of new technology as it emerges and we have highlighted opportunities for central and local government to share digital platforms for common online transactions, such as payments, as part of joining up how we deliver citizen and business focused public services.

"We recently launched a blueprint for councils to allow them to maximise the use of IT to transform services for their residents and we will continue to offer to work with Government to help co-design solutions that work effectively across the public sector and best respond to local needs."