Council settles long-running equal pay dispute

North Lanarkshire Council has reached a settlement with union members in a long-running dispute over equal pay claims for around 200 employees.

The claims affected staff in a range of roles, including home care, cleaning and janitorial roles.

In March 2015, over 4,000 female council staff won a settlement over equal pay following a lengthy legal battle.

The council said it has paid out £100m in equal pay claims since they began.

North Lanarkshire leader Cllr Jim Logue said the settlement of the claims represents a significant breakthrough.

"This is a major milestone, which I hope will mark a departure from the confrontations of the past," he added.

"We have negotiated hard, but fairly, with the GMB and its legal advisers to reach a settlement. If anything, this shows how quickly justified settlements can be reached through willingness to sit down and talk.

"While we recognise the injustices of the past, there was also a sense of realism on the part of unions, which recognised we have a duty to safeguard the public purse; vital at a time when our budgets are being squeezed as never before."

GMB Scotland organiser Hazel Nolan said "The new council leadership immediately recognised the need to resolve this inequality and their willingness to work with GMB Scotland in negotiating a proper settlement means our members are at last getting justice.

"Our Equal Pay Now! campaign was organised after our members, including home care workers, cleaners and janitors, were forced into a protracted dispute with NLC's previous leadership over pay discrimination in comparison with their male counterparts."