Nottingham roll outs world's largest biogas bus fleet

NOTTINGHAM has launched the world's largest fleet of biogas-powered double decker buses.

Thirty buses will start running on city routes from the summer following a £17m investment programme.There are plans to add another 23 buses early next year. 

The move towards using biogas vehicles began when a partnership between Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Transport successfully bid for £4.4m from the Government's Office for Low Emission Vehicles. The bus operator has since invested a further £12.4m.

It has worked with manufacturers Scania and Alexander Dennis, as well local companies Roadgas and ZF Transmissions to create the new buses and biogas infrastructure at Parliament Street Garage.

"Bio-gas is produced naturally through anaerobic digestion using food waste, farm waste and sewage. The methane emitted from the digestion process is captured, treated and turned into fuel. When this fuel is used, emissions are 84% lower than their diesel counterparts, thereby making them - from Well-to-Wheel - the greenest buses on the road," said NCT engineering director Gary Mason.

Cllr Jon Collins, Nottingham City Council's leader and portfolio holder for strategic infrastructure, added: "This provides a great opportunity to see just how Nottingham City Council and NCT have been working together to significantly improve our city's air quality.

"We are leading the way for the UK's future bus travel and shaping our future as the UK's greenest transport city."