A new approach to home building is needed if we hope to solve this housing crisis, says Marc Vlessing, co-founder and chief executive of affordable housing developer Pocket.

New technology from voltage optimisation market leader Powerstar offers a groundbreaking way of maximising electricity savings. Managing director Dr Alex Mardapittas explains how hard-pressed local authorities can benefit and keep bills at a minimum.

Ed Macnair, founder and CEO of cloud security company CensorNet, looks at the new Anti-Radicalisation Law and what it means for local authorities.

By Cllr Julian Thompson-Hill, Denbighshire's cabinet lead member for finance

With organisations placing increasing importance on equal treatment and diversity, why do we need Positive Action? Professional development consultant Snéha Khilay takes a look.

Local government is innovating, but can it learn more from the private sector? Andrew Lawson, UK managing director of Salesforce takes a look.

An estimated 10,000 children in the UK are privately fostered but local authorities are aware of only around 20 per cent of arrangements, leaving potentially highly vulnerable children invisible to social services.

Reaction to the Summer Budget from local government and beyond.

Data will be crucial to the better running of modern public services but many councils are not yet taking full advantage of the assets they hold. Simon Parker, director of the New Local Government Network, says those that fail to understand and harness the power of data risk making themselves irrelevant.

The UK is a world leader in the use of open data to inform policymaking. A new Roadmap from the Open Data Institute aims to build on this success to make the next great strides in data mining.