Back in 2005, Jamie Oliver's crusade against the Turkey Twizzler sparked a revolution in school dinners - but is it now time for the packed lunch to be packed in?

The Government wants a "radical new programme of renewal" for the country's highways but many councils remain "trapped" in a false economy of patching up crumbling roads rather than planning longer-term maintenance.

First introduced to Britain in the 19th century as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed has become a common sight in many parts of the country - and it is often an unwelcome guest. But scientists are combating the plant with another imported species. 

When is graffiti mindless vandalism and when is it street art? And should councils care? Andy Jowett takes a look.

The Government has launched a White Paper - Water for Life - setting out its vision for a comprehensive reform and revolution in the way Britain manages its water resources, setting the scene for legislation next year that aims to create a water industry resilient for the future that will also help sustain economic growth

For many years, I have spoken about the importance of both sustainability and tradition, and the marriage of the two in cities, towns and villages in a way that reflects a fundamental harmony between human beings and Nature. I have tried to put some of these ideas into practice throughout the Duchy of Cornwall, whether at Poundbury, Newquay or elsewhere.