A Scottish council has suspended referrals to a back-to-work scheme that fined jobseekers for offences such as tutting, not wearing a name badge and putting their hands in their pockets.

The House of Lords should back amendments to the Government's Housing Bill that would at least allow council to retain enough cash from housing sell-offs to fund replacements in the same area or there is likely to be an increase in homelessness, a

In the UK and around the world, Smart City initiatives are providing a blueprint for innovative new approaches to address the key urban challenges we face, says Upendra Dharmadhikary, vice-president at

Spooky goings-on at Louth Town Hall in Lincolnshire, where the ghost busters have been called in to investigate if it's haunted.

The localisation of council tax support has seen collection rates decline, while early indications suggest some local authorities are now facing a build-up of arrears that are unlikely to ever be paid off, an independent review has concluded.

The closure of 17 schools in Edinburgh over concerns about the safety of their construction is a "national scandal" and should result in a full review of public-private partnerships and PFI, a union has said.

The House of Lords voted to amend several elements of the Government's plans for Starter Homes after opponents warned the Housing Bill would shift subsidies away from low-cost housing for the less well-off to more affluent households.

Tower Hamlets council has made progress under Government-appointed commissioners but is still "some way off" the return of powers, local government secretary Greg Clark has said.

The Government's review of council tax support has been attacked as a "Whitehall whitewash" by anti-poverty campaigners who claim it has ignored the impact of the changes on disabled and unemployed claimants.

Cuts to council funding are putting the wellbeing of children living in foster care at risk by reducing practical and financial support, as well as access to social workers and vital services, including mental health services.

A parish council has defended its decision to become the first local authority to charge Parkrun UK for runs that take place on its grounds after thousands of people signed a petition against the move.

The Government's flagship energy efficiency scheme, the Green Deal, cost the taxpayer £240m but failed to deliver "any meaningful benefit" - and actually increased energy bills by pushing up costs for suppliers, the National Audit Office has concl