So farewell to Suffolk County Council's Brian Riley, who is moving to pastures new in the land of opportunity.

The Qatari royal family's plans to build a £200m, 17 bedroom palace in Westminster's Regent's Park have been pooh-poohed by the council on the grounds that the borough already has a shortage of housing.

Birmingham City Council has been left as confused as most of the rest of the planet after a Fox News commentator claimed the city is "totally Muslim and non-Muslims simply don't go in".

Na na-na na-nah, na na-na na-nah, na-na-na na-nah, na na-na na-nah, na-na-na-na-naah, she's got the look.  Cllr Karen Danczuk, that is. Obviously.

As the mayor of Hartlepool's holiday in Mexico is interrupted by calls from back home to resign, could an unlikely hero be set for a dramatic return?

With voting in full swing in the Scottish independence referendum, the fate of the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster hangs in the balance - as it turns out it may be part of Scotland.

Toronto's, erm, bon vivant mayor Rob Ford is out of rehab and back on the campaign trail. But if he was expecting to ease back into life at City Hall on a wave of public sympathy, he got a nasty shock as he was confronted by every politician's worst fear - a member of the public who won't shut up.

It's all go in Stafford, where mayor James Billington has been tweeting away about life in the borough, from meeting the oldest woman in Doxley to cutting the ribbon for the opening weekend at Alton Towers.

If David Waddell wanted to ensure his resignation as a councilman in Indian Trail, North Carolina, did not go unnoticed then mission accomplished. In a bravura display, he quit on New Year's Eve. In Klingon.

The admitted and alleged antics of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, by turns tragic, comic and tragi-comic, have left Canada's largest city mired in a chaotic political and media circus.