Birmingham City Council will launch a new service on Tuesday 15 May, delivering free information on the city and its services direct to members of the public.

Following the success its weekend Night Watch service, Newcastle City Council is expanding the service to seven nights a week, 362 days a year.


Local authorities in England are anticipating having to deal with up to 25 tonnes of extra cigarette litter once the smoke free legislation for all enclosed places comes into force on 1 July. 

Rising road maintenance costs, central government targets and a freeze on government funding could leave councils unable to meet the governments 2010 deadline for clearing the backlog of road repairs, the Local Government Association has warned.


Reading Borough Council is expected later this month to approve a capital-spending programme of £39.3 million.


A simpler, clearer and more proportionate code of conduct for local councillors in England is now in force.

As the local elections come to an end, results so far show that despite early indications that Labour had not done as badly as anticipated, the situation has declined somewhat during the day and the predictions are now for losses of around 500 seats, as bad as was anticipated by all but the most pessimistic. The position in Scotland remains on a knife edge.


As the elections draw to a close, Hansard Society is concerned over the tens of thousands of spoilt ballots.

The New Local Government Network (NLGN) is calling for local councils to have greater freedoms in how they approach migration settlement in England.