The Local Government Association(LGA) is warning that Government plans for an independent commission to oversee major infrastructure projects could result in these projects being given approval regardless of how local residents feel.




Twenty-four hard-working individuals from local councils across the UK have been short-listed for the finals of this year's Council Worker of the Year Awards in association with the Local Government Channel and the Local Government Association. These council workers have been chosen because of their invaluable contribution and continual dedication to their cause.


Residents have been asked to give their views on Camden Council's £200m plans to transform learning in Camden, at a series of public meetings across the borough.


Bury Council has decided to launch a new support service for older people to help them live independently in their own home, if it gets sufficient backing from the community.


Local people should be given greater control in how key assets in their communities are run, according to a major Government report.

The Local Government Association has responded to the launch of Making Assets Work by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly, by saying councils have little to sell.


Responding to the Mayor of London's claims that London Councils is misrepresenting the benefits of the Low Emission Zone, chairman of London Councils Transport and Environment Committee, Cllr Daniel Moylan, said:


Age Concern is calling for the Government to provide an Age Equality Duty where public authorities are required to build age equality into their business planning and age proof all activities and functions to ensure that equal outcomes for all ages are achieved.


Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Slough Council, have reacted angrily to figures from the Office of National Statistics that show London's migrant population is 60,000 less than was previously thought.


As a response to national targets and changes in waste legislation, all 10 councils in Greater Manchester are currently working together to produce a 'Joint Waste Development Plan Document' for the county.